This page is the show list file for a particular group (the group whose name is derived from this file's name). It includes all the shows that the user can add (or update) to the group. It's read any time the user hits the "Edit" button on a group list screen, then "+".

Each URL in this list points to a show file. The name of each show is derived from the name of the show file (specifically by unencoding %xx's and by removing the ".sshow" part). The "link text" part of each HREF is ignored.

Aertsen, Pieter
Alechinsky, Pierre
Altdorfer, Albrecht
Angelico, Fra
Kapoor, Anish
Appel, Karel
Archipenko, Alexander
Arp, Jean
Ast, Balthasar van der
Astruc, Zacharie
Auerbach, Frank
Avercamp, Hendrick
Avery, Milton
Baburen, Dirck van
Bacon, Francis
Baldessari, John
Baldung Grien, Hans
Barocci, Federico
Baselitz, Georg
Basquiat, Jean-Michel
Bassano, (family da Ponte)
Bazille, FrŽdŽric
Beckmann, Max
Bellini, Giovanni
Beyeren, Abraham van
Bill, Max
Blake, William
Bosch, Hieronymus
Botticelli, Sandro
Boucher, Franois
Boudin, Eugne
Bouguereau, Adolphe-William
Bourgeois, Louise
Bouts, Dirk
Bracquemond, Marie
Brancusi, Constantin
Braque, Georges
Broederlam, Melchior
Bronzino, Agnolo
Brown, Ford Madox
Bruegel, Pieter the Elder
Burgkmair, Hans the Elder
Burne-Jones, Sir Edward Coley
Cabanel, Alexandre
Caillebotte, Gustave
Calder, Alexander
Cano, Alonso
Caravaggio, Michelangelo Merisi da
Caro, Anthony
Caron, Antoine
Carracci, Annibale
Carracci, Antonio
Carracci, Lodovico
Cassatt, Mary
Cavallini, Pietro
CŽzanne, Paul
Chagall, Marc
Chamberlain, John
Chardin, Jean-Baptiste-SimŽon
Chase, William Merritt
ChassŽriau, ThŽodore
Chikanobu, Yoshu
Chillida, Eduardo
Christus, Petrus
Cima da Conegliano, Giovanni Battista
Oldenburg, Claes
Clouet, Francois
Clouet, Jean
Cole, Thomas
Constable, John
Copley, John Singleton
Cornell, Joseph
Corot, Jean-Baptiste-Camille
Cosimo, Piero di
Courbet, Gustave
Couture, Thomas
Cranach, Lucas the Elder
Cropsey, Jasper
Dali, Salvador
Daumier, HonorŽ
David, Gerard
David, Jacques-Louis
Davis, Stuart
De Kooning, Willem
Degas, Edgar
Delacroix, Eugne
Derain, Andre
Desportes, Alexandre-Franois
Dix, Otto
DorŽ, Gustave
Dossi, Dosso
Dubuffet, Jean
Duchamp, Marcel
Dufy, Raoul
DŸrer, Albrecht
Dyck, Sir Anthony van
Eakins, Thomas
Eizan, Kikugawa
Kelly, Ellsworth
Elsheimer, Adam
Ernst, Max
Escher, M.C. (galleries)
Escher, M.C.
Estes, Richard
Eyck, Jan van
Fantin-Latour, Henri
Feke, Robert
Leger, Fernand
FlŽmalle, Master of (Campin, Robert)
Fouquet, Jean
Fragonard, Jean-HonorŽ
Frankenthaler, Helen
Freud, Lucian
Friedrich, Caspar David
Fuseli, Henry
Gainsborough, Thomas
Gauguin, (Eugne-Henri-) Paul
Gelder, Aert de
Gentile da Fabriano
GŽricault, ThŽodore
GŽr™me, Jean-LŽon
Ghirlandaio, Domenico
Giacometti, Alberto
Giordano, Luca
Giotto di Bondone
Goes, Hugo van der
Gogh, Vincent van
Gonalves, Nu–o
Goya, Francisco de
Greco, El
Greuze, Jean-Baptiste
Gris, Juan
Gros, Antoine-Jean
GrŸnewald, Matthias
Guardi, Francesco
Guillaumin, Jean-Baptiste Armand
Hals, Frans
Harunobu, Suzuki
Heda, Willem Claesz
Hepworth, Barbara
Hilliard, Nicholas
Hiroshige, Ando
Hobbema, Meindert
Hockney, David
Hofmann, Hans
Hokusai, Katsushika
Holbein, Hans the Younger
Hooch, Pieter de
Hopper, Edward
Indiana, Robert
Ingres, Jean-Auguste-Dominique
Johns, Jasper
Jongkind, Johan-Barthold
Joos, van Wassenhove
Jorn, Asger
Kahlo, Frida
Kandinsky, Wassily
Kiefer, Anselm
Kirchner, Ernst
Kitaj, Ron B.
Kiyonaga, Torii
Klee, Paul
Klimt, Gustav
Kline, Franz
Koson, Ohara
Kunisada, Utagawa (triptychs)
Kunisada, Utagawa
La Fosse, Charles de
La Hire, Laurent de
Lancret, Nicolas
Largillire, Nicolas de
Lawrence, Jacob
Le Brun, Charles
Le Corbusier
Legros, Alphonse
Leonardo da Vinci
Lichtenstein, Roy
Lorrain, Claude
Louis, Morris
Magritte, Rene
Malevich, Kasimir
Manet, Edouard
Mantegna, Andrea
Marc, Franz
Mathieu, Georges
Martini, Simone
Matisse, Henri
Maureau, Alphonse
Memling, Hans
Millet, Jean-Franois
Miro, Joan
Mitchell, Joan
Modersohn-Becker, Paula
Modigliani, Amedeo
Mondrian, Piet
Monet, Claude
Moore, Henry
Morandi, Giorgio
Moreau, Gustave
Morisot, Berthe
Motherwell, Robert
Munch, Edvard
Murillo, BartolomŽ Esteban
Nauman, Bruce
Nevelson, Louise
Nicholson, Ben
Noguchi, Isamu
Noland, Kenneth
O'Keeffe, Georgia
Partridge, Nehemiah
Patel, Pierre
Picasso, Pablo
Piero della Francesca
Piette, Ludovic
Pissarro, Camille
Pollock, Jackson
Puvis de Chavannes, Pierre
Rainer, Arnulf
Rauschenberg, Robert
Ray, Man
Redon, Odilon
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste
Rivera, Diego
Rivers, Larry
Rockwell, Norman
Rockwell, Norman galleries
Rodin, Auguste
Rosenquist, James
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel
Rothko, Mark
Rousseau, Henri
Rubens, Peter Paul
Sargent, John Singer
Schiele, Egon
Schwitters, Kurt
Sekka, Kamisaka
Serra, Richard
Seurat, Georges
Sharaku, Toshusai
Shaw, Joshua
Shunsho, Katsukawa
Signac, Paul
Sisley, Alfred
Smith, David
Stella, Frank
Still, Clyfford
Tanguy, Yves
Tanning, Dorothea
Tapies, Antoni
Tenniel, Sir John
Thiebaud, Wayne
Tiepolo, Giambattista
Tissot, James
Tobey, Mark
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de
Toyokuni, Utagawa I
Trevino, Jesse
Troy, Jean-Franois de
Turner, Joseph Mallord William
Twombly, Cy
Uccello, Paolo
Utamaro, Kitagawa
Vasarely, Victor
Vel‡zquez, Diego
Vermeer, Jan
Veronese, Paolo
Warhol, Andy
Waterhouse, John William
Watteau, Jean-Antoine
West, Benjamin
Weyden, Rogier van der
Whistler, James Abbott McNeill
Winstanley, William
Wood, Grant
Wright, Joseph
Wyeth, Andrew
Yoshitoshi, Tsukioka
Zurbar‡n, Francisco de