This page is the show list file for a particular group (the group whose name is derived from this file's name). It includes all the shows that the user can add (or update) to the group. It's read any time the user hits the "Edit" button on a group list screen, then "+".

Each URL in this list points to a show file. The name of each show is derived from the name of the show file (specifically by unencoding %xx's and by removing the ".sshow" part). The "link text" part of each HREF is ignored.

Apollo 11
Earth image of the week
Earth Photos
Hubble telescope
Mars Phoenix archive
Mars Phoenix latest
NASA Image of the Day
NASA Greatest Images
Picture of the Day (today's)
Picture of the Day (year's)
Picture of the Day 2007
Saturn Cassini latest
Solar eclipses
Space images (NASA)
Space shuttle
Space Station latest