This page is the show list file for a particular group (the group whose name is derived from this file's name). It includes all the shows that the user can add (or update) to the group. It's read any time the user hits the "Edit" button on a group list screen, then "+".

Each URL in this list points to a show file. The name of each show is derived from the name of the show file (specifically by unencoding %xx's and by removing the ".sshow" part). The "link text" part of each HREF is ignored.

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Adams Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
Agate Fossil Beds Nat. Mon..sshow
Alibates Flint Quarries Nat. Mon..sshow
Allegheny Portage Railroad Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Amistad Nat. Rec. Area.sshow
Aniachak Nat. Preserve.sshow
Antietam Nat. Cem..sshow
Apostle Islands Nat. Lake..sshow
Appomattox Court House Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
Arkansas Post Nat. Mem.sshow
Arlington House (Robert E. Lee Mem.).sshow
Assateague Island Nat. Seashore.sshow
Aztec Ruins Nat. Mon..sshow
Bandelier Nat. Mon..sshow
Benjamin Franklin Nat. Mem.sshow
Big Cypress Nat. Preserve.sshow
Big Hole Nat. Bat..sshow
Big South Fork Nat. Rec. Area.sshow
Big Thicket Nat. Preserve.sshow
Bighorn Canyon Nat. Rec. Area.sshow
Black Canyon of the Gunnison Nat. Mon..sshow
Blue Ridge Parkway.sshow
Booker T. Washington Nat. Mon..sshow
Boston Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
Brices Cross Roads Nat. Bat. Site.sshow
Buck Island Reef Nat. Mon..sshow
Buffalo Nat. River.sshow
Cabrillo Nat. Mon..sshow
Canaveral Nat. Seashore.sshow
Canyon De Chelly Nat. Mon..sshow
Cape Cod Nat. Seashore.sshow
Cape Hatteras Nat. Seashore.sshow
Cape Lookout Nat. Seashore.sshow
Capulin Volcano Nat. Mon..sshow
Carl Sandburg Home Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Casa Grande Nat. Mon..sshow
Castillo de San Marcos Nat. Mon..sshow
Castle Clinton Nat. Mon..sshow
Catocin Mountain. Park.sshow
Chaco Culture Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
Chamizal Nat. Mon..sshow
Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
Chickamauga & Chattanooga Nat. Mil. Park.sshow
Chiricahua Nat. Mon..sshow
Christiansted Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Clara Barton Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Colonial Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
Colorado Nat. Mon..sshow
Coronado Nat. Mon..sshow
Coulee Dam Nat. Rec. Area.sshow
Cowpens Nat. Bat..sshow
Craters of the Moon Nat. Mon..sshow
Cumberland Gap Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
Cumberland Island Nat. Seashore.sshow
Curecanti Nat. Rec. Area.sshow
Delaware Water Gap Nat. Rec. Area.sshow
DeSoto Nat. Mon..sshow
Devils Postpile Nat. Mon..sshow
Devils Tower Nat. Mon..sshow
Dinosaur Nat. Mon..sshow
Edgar Allan Poe Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Edison Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
El Morro Nat. Mon..sshow
Ellis Island.sshow
Federal Hall Nat. Mon..sshow
Fire Island Nat. Seashore.sshow
Florissant Fossil Beds Nat. Mon..sshow
Fort Bowie Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Fort Caroline Nat. Mem.sshow
Fort Clatsop Nat. Mon..sshow
Fort Davis Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Fort Frederica Nat. Mon..sshow
Fort Larned Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Fort Matanzas Nat. Mon..sshow
Fort McHenry Nat. Mon. and Hist. Shrine.sshow
Fort Moultrie Nat. Mon..sshow
Fort Necessity Nat. Bat..sshow
Fort Smith Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Fort Stanwix Nat. Mon..sshow
Fort Sumter Nat. Mon..sshow
Fort Union Nat. Mon..sshow
Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania County Battlefields.sshow
Gateway Nat. Rec. Area.sshow
General Grant Nat. Mon..sshow
George Rogers Clark Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
George Washington Birthplace Nat. Mon..sshow
George Washington Carver Nat. Mon..sshow
George Washington Mem. Parkway.sshow
Gettysburg Nat. Mil. Park.sshow
Gila Cliff Dwellings Nat. Mon..sshow
Glen Canyon Nat. Rec. Area.sshow
Glen Echo Park.sshow
Golden Gate Nat. Rec. Area.sshow
Golden Spike Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Grand Portage Nat. Mon..sshow
Grant-Kohrs Ranch Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Great Falls Park.sshow
Guilford Courthouse Nat. Mil. Park.sshow
Gulf Islands National Seashore.sshow
Hamilton Grange Nat. Mon..sshow
Hampton Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Harpers Ferry Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
Harry S Truman Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Herbert Hoover Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Hirshorn Museum .sshow
Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt Nat. Mon..sshow
Homestead Nat. Mon. of America.sshow
Hopewell Culture Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Hopewell Furnace Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
House Where Lincoln Died (Peterson House) .sshow
Hubbell Trading Post Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Independence Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
Indiana Dunes Nat. Lakeshore.sshow
Iwo Jima Memorial.sshow
Jean Lafitte Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.sshow
Jewel Cave Nat. Mon..sshow
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
John Muir Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Johnstown Flood Nat. Mon..sshow
Kings Mountain Nat. Mil. Park.sshow
Klondike Gold Rush Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
Lake Chelan Nat. Rec. Area.sshow
Lake Mead Nat. Rec. Area.sshow
Lake Roosevelt Nat. Rec. Area.sshow
Lincoln Boyhood Nat. Mon..sshow
Lincoln Home Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Lincoln Memorial.sshow
Little Bighorn Battlefield Nat. Mon..sshow
Longfellow Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Lowell Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
Lyndon B. Johnson Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
Manassas Nat. Bat. Park.sshow
McLaughlin House Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Minute Man Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
Montezuma Castle Nat. Mon..sshow
Moores Creek Nat. Bat..sshow
Morristown Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
Mount Rushmore Nat. Mon..sshow
Muir Woods Nat. Mon..sshow
Natchez Trace Parkway.sshow
National Mall.sshow
Nez Perce Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
Nicodemus Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Organ Pipe Cactus Nat. Mon..sshow
Ozark Nat. Scenic Riverways.sshow
Padre Island Nat. Seashore.sshow
Palo Alto Battlefield Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Pea Ridge Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Pecos Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
Petersburg Nat. Bat..sshow
Peterson House (where Lincoln Died).sshow
Pictured Rocks Nat. Lakeshore.sshow
Pinnacles Nat. Mon..sshow
Pipe Spring Nat. Mon..sshow
Pipestone Nat. Mon..sshow
Point Reyes National Seashore.sshow
Prince William Forest Park.sshow
Richmond Nat. Bat. Park.sshow
Rock Creek Park.sshow
Russell Cave Nat. Mon..sshow
Sagamore Hill Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Saint Paul's Church Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Saint-Gaudens Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Salem Maritime Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Salinas Pueblo Missions Nat. Mon..sshow
Saratoga Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
Saugus Iron Works Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Scotts Bluff Nat. Mon..sshow
Sitka Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Sleeping Bear Dunes Nat. Lakeshore.sshow
Statue of Liberty Nat. Mon..sshow
Sunset Crater Nat. Mon..sshow
Thomas Stone Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Timpanogos Cave Nat. Mon..sshow
Tonto Nat. Mon..sshow
Tumacacori Nat. Mon..sshow
Tuskegee Institute Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Tuzigoot Nat. Mon..sshow
USS Arizona Memorial.sshow
Valley Forge Nat. Hist. Park.sshow
Vanderbilt Mansion Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Vietnam Veterans Memorial.sshow
Walnut Canyon Nat. Mon..sshow
Washington Monument.sshow
Washita Battlefield Nat. Hist. Site.sshow
Whiskeytown Shasta Trinity Nat. Rec. Area.sshow
White House.sshow
White Sands Nat. Mon..sshow
Wolf Trap Nat. Park for the Performing Arts.sshow
Wright Brothers Nat. Mon..sshow
Wupatki Nat. Mon..sshow