This page is the "master" list of Open Door-provided iEnvision groups. It includes all the groups that ship "built-in" with iEnvision, plus any groups we choose to make available later. It's read any time the user hits the "Edit" button on iEnvision's initial groups screen, then "+", then chooses "Add or update groups from the iEnvision Web site."

Each URL in this list points to a group's show list file. The name of each group is derived from the name of the show list file (specifically by unencoding %xx's and by removing the ".html" part). The "link text" part of each HREF is ignored.

Children's books (advanced)
Children's books (beginner)
Comic strip collections
Comics & cartoons (today's)
Manga collections
Newspaper front pages
Newspaper front pages (intl)
Other highlights
USA National Monuments, etc.
USA National Parks
Web comics
Yellowstone (big pics)